I’m about to set off for my first full-time semester of college. Anyway, I’d like to share some apps and services that, I believe, could come in handy (especially if you are a student). I’ll clarify why they are effective in improving your productivity and provide a short review of the functionality and design.

iStudiez Pro

Available on OS X $9.99 iOS $2.99

When it comes to college, you’ve gotta keep up with what’s going on. This app is a no-brainer. Not only does it allow you to add assignments to a “digital planner,” but stores them by class. It adds your classes and assignments to a calendar; as well as, your professors information and office hours. This is the ultimate college app. That’s why it was ranked the Best College Student App in 2011. 5/5


Available on OS X $9.99 | iOS $4.99

Word or Pages just doesn’t cut it. You need a simple, distraction-free environment to capture your thoughts, ideas, and conceptions. Byword is your app. Not only does it use Markdown syntax, but it has modes to focus on the current line or paragraph. And with typewriter mode, it keeps the line your current working on in the center of the screen. 5/5


Available Cross Platform free

There’s not much explanation here. Everybody who shops online needs a paypal account. Always pay with PayPal. It’s great with what it does.


Available for Students $49 | Everbody else $79

It’s totally worth it to go prime. You get 2 day shipping on all things shipped and sold by Amazon. Also, you get access to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video which seems to have just as good of a selection as Netflix. Also, rentals on Kindle books are included, if you have a kindle.

Wolfram Alpha Pro

Available for Students $3.75/mo | Everbody else $5.49/mo

If you’re in a math or science field, you definitely will want Wolfram Alpha Pro. It can work out almost anything you can think of, and show you the steps to do it. It also can process various types of data. And, hey, if you ever wondered where Siri gets some of her facts – its from WolframAlpha.


Available for Students $4.99/mo | Everbody else $9.99/mo

You’ll totally want to listen to some music in college, right? But with those room and board fees, you can’t really buy all the albums you’d like. Spotify is a music streaming service which lets you listen to any of its 20,000,000+ songs included in a monthly membership.

Square Cash

Available for iOS (excluding Hawaii) free

Somebody spot you for lunch, or loan money for something else. Don’t go to an ATM or write a check, send them money directly from your bank account to theirs with Square Cash. There are no fees, and it is totally safe. How do I Know? Square (the company that made it) processes credit card transactions for businesses.

Target REDcard

Available as a Debit Card free

Ok, so you might think my bias nature led me to this one. Yes, it kinda did. If you don’t know, I worked for Target over the summer. Either way, I haven’t seen any cards on the market with unlimited 5% cashback on all purchases. Target does that with their REDcard, and it is available as a debit card which can help you avoid a monthly bill. Things add up in college, and if you spend $200, $10 is immediately discounted from your card. It doesn’t matter how much you spend, you always get a discount.

So, that sums it up for now. If I think of some more, I’ll add it to this page. Overall, this stuff has helped me out, so I hope it helps you, too.