Christian, Computer Science Student, Software Engineer, Bison & Aggie (A-Whoop)!

As a little boy, I remember playing on an NEC with AOL Dial-Up internet. I don’t think many in my generation can say that. I have been interested in technology as long as I can remember. I always wanted to know how the world around me works and how it can be improved. I’ve been searching for answers ever since.

I was incredibly blessed to start Computer Science classes and make lifelong friends at Lipscomb University. From age 14, I like to say they taught me most of what I know! I’m currently a proud senior, Computer Science major at Texas A&M University. I’m a member of the ACM and IEEE, and hoping to get into research as an undergraduate. I have interned with Faithlife in Bellingham, WA and IBM / The Weather Company in Austin, TX. I have also done some work as a freelancer.

I’m a Christian, and my faith is an critical part of my life. Through the challenges, I feel like God is the only strength which gets me through. I’m a huge Christian Music fan, and grew up listening to LifeSongs 89.1FM New Orleans, WayFM 88.7FM Nashville, and The Fish 94.1FM Nashville. I’ve been incredibly inspired and blessed by sermons from Erwin McManus and Louie Giglio. I highly recommend you check them out when you need some uplifting.

In my freetime, I hunt around for cool projects and learn new things on GitHub. My interests vary on a continual basis, and so you can find an updated list here. I’ve also subscribe to several podcasts.